Latin American Film Festival part 2

Ensure the presentation of films is one of the fundamental tasks of the Festival not only as a need for dissemination that artists have but also to earn the deserved recognition for their work. The Festival awards Choral Awards for best Fiction Film, Best Direction, Best First Feature, Best Documentary Length, among other relevant prizes. Also recognize specialties such as Sound, Edition, Original Music, Art Direction, Photography, Screenplay, male and female performance, including the Coral Audience Award.
Other organizations give collateral prizes at the Festival, among them: Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano awards the Cibervoto Prize from the votes made by the netizens in the Portal of Latin American and Caribbean Cinema; Matanzas as a sub-site of the Festival awards Vigía Casa de las Américas Award; Association of Film, Radio and Television of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.
During this festival awards are predicted for: from the category "Desert" Fiction as Best Feature Film, "Last Days in Havana" as Special Jury Prize; from the Specialties like best male actor Luis Alberto García in "Ya no es Antes" and Feminine Sonia Braga in "Acuarius". From the animation category, the Special Jury Prize will be for "Stop the Game".

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