Louvre street

The Street at prado between Neptuno y Rafael became very famous during the XVII century, because there gather revolutionary young men. Due to these patriotic meetings started calling these people as “los jóvenes de La Acera del Louvre”.
In 1866 took place a collision among Spanish and criollos when some the first ones offended the memory of cuban scientist Ramón Zambrana. It is also said that when the Spanish captain don Nicolás Estévanez, heard the shootings that killed the eight innocent medicine students, on November 27th of 1871, broke his sword, resign his military career and said: “Before the homeland are mankind and justice”. Eight years later, April 26 of 1879, being at Louvre Café, José Martí pronounced his speech “Honrar honra”, honoring to the doctor Adolfo Márquez Sterling, organized by the Liberal Party.
In honour to don Nicolás Estévanez and the los jóvenes de La Acera del Louvre it had been devoted a memorial.

Big building at the street with cars on the front