Raquel Hotel part 2

It is the work of the Venezuelan architect Naranjo Ferrer, at the beginning (1908) served as the headquarters of an important house that imported fabrics, mainly from England, the United States, France and Spain. It is located in Calle Amargura, No. 103 esq. San Ignacio.
In 1914 the society was fragmented and the building sold to the Cuban Company of Accidents S.A., which became seriously indebted shortly thereafter, the building was auctioned off. It is bought by the Spanish merchant Esteba Gaciedo y Torriente. Upon his death, his descendants founded the Sociedad Mercantil Compañía de Rustic and Urban Estates S.A., and sold, in 1957, to the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba. After 1959 it became the headquarters of the Ministry of the Food Industry, until it was delivered to the Office of the Historian of Havana, for its restoration and transformation into a 25-room hotel that combines the old with modern life.
His name is in honor of the matriarch of the Jewish people, Rachel. Each of the spaces also has a biblical name, from the rooms to the restaurant, El jardín del edén unique in the country that offers traditional Jewish food.

Crystal duome viewed from inside