The Templete

Every year on the eve of the foundation of the village, on November 16, a large number of Cubans go around the ceiba three times, put a coin in their roots and silently make a wish. The myth tells that it is fulfilled.
Located in the Plaza de Armas and being a World Heritage Site, it was built on 1827 under the direction of Regidor Francisco Rodríguez y Cabrera, and plans designed by Colonel Antonio de la Torre. Erected at the proposal of Captain General Francisco Dionisio Vives, It´s one of the works that has most influenced Cuban architecture as it is the first neoclassical construction in the country: it has the shape of a Doric temple that shows the influence of Greco-Latin culture in America.
Inside the enclosure is a bust of Christopher Columbus and a large ceiba tree. Its gardens show a column of Cajigal built in honor of the death of the first ceiba planted there. This exposes an image of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of Spanish navigators. At its base is a marble bust of the Adelantado Don Hernando de Soto, first governor of the town of San Cristóbal de La Habana.

Castle with a fence in front