Latin American Film Festival

On December 3, 1979, the Festival of New Latin American Cinema was inaugurated. Alfredo Guevara, Julio Garcia Espinosa and Pastor Vega conceived the Festival as a continuation of the festivals of Viña del Mar (1967 and 1969), Mérida (1968 and 1977) and Caracas (1974), in which films and filmmakers representing the most refreshing film trends in Latin America. It was a response to the need for a meeting of Latin American filmmakers. Ensure the presentation of action films, documentaries, cartoons and news is one of the fundamental tasks of the Festival so that the diffusion of the main and most significant cinematographic achievements happen. The Festival aims to disseminate works that contribute to the enrichment and reaffirmation of Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity. Every year the event calls for the Fiction, Documentary and Animation Contests, Premium Operas, Unpublished Scripts and Posters. In addition, meetings and seminars are organized on various topics of cultural interest and, especially, film. Likewise, the Festival program hosts a broad and representative sample of contemporary cinema from the rest of the world.

Poster with a branch, promo of the film festival