Restaurant 1830

The history of the property that welcomes establishment is It dates back to the 19th century, when in the place I located a restaurant called "Arana", whose fame spread through the city thanks to specialties
of the house: Arroz con Pollo a la Chorrera and Bacalao a la Vizcaína. He building boom of the early twentieth century led to its conversion into the "Hotel La Mar ", made of masonry and tiles, where an altar served as a point of conclusion to the processions of the Virgen del Carmen that started from the Church of Carmel. At the end of the 20s, there arises in the place a residence called "Villa Miramar", leased and finally acquired in the 50's by the Currais family, which assumed the restoration of the building to turn it into a branch of La Zaragozana under the name of 1830, the date on which the first establishment was founded. At the end of the 20s, the Hotel La Mar is transformed into a family residence called Villa Miramar, where the mother of the Civil Engineer Honoris Causa, Carlos Miguel de Céspedes, lived Secretary of Public Works (1925-1929) in the government of Gerardo Machado. At the fall of the Government, this place was destroyed but 4 years later it was rebuilt by its owner. Next to this mansion, there was a residence where his mother lived, Villa Miramar, where his mother lived and died. This villa It was leased and acquired by the owners of the restaurant Zaragozana, who restored the building and turned it into a branch of La Zaragozana under the name of 1830, that it conserves until today, with its famous gardens, and the demarcation of the transit between the select neighborhoods of El Vedado and Miramar.

Yellow building